Snoopy Deep Reef

At 24 meters and a mix of a natural reef and an artificial reef, the Snoopy Deep reef is the perfect dive for advanced divers. There is also a good possibility to see seahorses, lots of Anemones, 5 lined snappers, trigger fish and ofcourse the

Inchcape 2

An artificial reef formed by a wreck , Inchcape 2 is abundant with fish life and many shoals of Travelli hang around this wreck. Rays typically can be found underneath the hull of the wreck whilst a diverse range of Nudibranches can be seen around

Shark Island

The depth varies from shallow confined water conditions to dives with a bottom depth of around 25m. Lots of black tip reef sharks to see in the winter months with the occasional whale shark drifting past. An abundant amount of anemones forming a

Hole in the wall

 A maze of coral reefs and wonderful marine life....If you are ready for a 35 min boat ride to a shallow yet marvellous dive site, then Hole in the wall is the perfect place to visit.  With Spotted snapper, Batfish, Groupers, Thrumpet

Dibba Rock

Dibba Rock is suitable for both beginners and experienced divers who may go with cameras on a short excursion to see as many unique and vibrant marine life as you can on a day trip to the nearby island. Ghost pipefish, Stick pipefish,

Inchcape 1

Most of the dive sites in this area offer interesting underwater landscapes such as swim-through, great overhung walls and boulder crevices. The resident marine life include leopard sharks, black-tip reef sharks, turtles, schooling of yellow-lined

Sharm Rocks (Three Rocks)

Home to a large variety of marine animal. This dive sit is full of life. The topography of the reef offers divers shallow as well as deep dives upto 12 meters. With the abundant sea life, this is one site where beginners and seasoned divers can

Martini Rock

Spotted snapper, Bat fish, Groupes, Nudibrunch, Pufferfish, Turtles,Trumpet fish, Arabian angel fish, Parrot fish, Lion fish, Anemone fish......the list goes on. A wonderful dive site to get a glimpse of what diving is really all about.  With

Artificial Reef

At 12 meters this artificial reef is perfect for those who have never been down under. It is a dive site where, if youre lucky, you can see a huge variety of marine creatures....from Flounders to Barracuda, small little pipe fish to large trumpet